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NE5532 Pitch Performance Frequency Op-Amp SMD SOP8 IC - 100 Pack

The NE5532 op-amp from PMD Way is a dual high-performance low noise operational amplifier. By comparison with most of the standard operational amplifiers, such as the 1458, it displays better noise performance, improved output drive capability and markedly higher small-signal and power bandwidths. 

This makes the NE5532 especially suitable for application in high-fidelity and professional audio equipment, instrumentation and control circuits, and telephone channel amplifiers. The NE5532 is internally compensated for gains equal to one. If very low noise is of prime importance, it is recommended because it has guaranteed noise voltage specifications.
This is for the surface mount SOP8 package.


  • Small-signal bandwidth: 10MHz
  • Output drive capability: 600W, 10VRMS
  • Input noise voltage: 5nV Hz (typical)
  • DC voltage gain: 50000
  • AC voltage gain: 2200 at 10kHz
  • Power bandwidth: 140kHz
  • Slew rate: 9V/ms
  • Large supply voltage range: ±3 to ±20V
  • Compensated for unity gain

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