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PAM8610 2 x 15W class D Power Amplifier Board with Volume Control

SKU 566756

Build a great stereo system around this neat PAM8610 2 x15W class D Power Amplifier Board with Volume Control from PMD Way. The circuitry used on the board is the same as specificed in the PAM8610 data sheet (see below) and is ideal for powering moderate speakers up to 15W per channel.

However unlike the cheaper board this unit has the volume potentiometer installed, and you also receive a classy knob, ideal for mounting behind your custom panel. 

Due to the intelligent design along with overcurrent and overtemperarture protection, you don't need a heatsink for the amplifier IC. This is a power amplifier board so your source or preamp will need a volume control, however there is a mute function - short the SW pads on the board.


  • Class D amplifier, requires 12V DC @ 2A
  • Distortion < 0.1%
  • Frequncy response 20 Hz ~ 50 kHz
  • Output - 10W x 2 (8 Ohm) or 15W x 2 (4 Ohm)
  • Module measures 28 x 22 x 2.5mm

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