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All orders receive free delivery, worldwide - Touch here to learn more

Plastic Vertical Float Switches - Five Pack

SKU 57479985

This float switch from PMD Way is ideal for detecting changes in water levels in a vessel.

For example, by mounting it in the bottom facing up, your system will know when the tank is almost empty - or by mounting at at the top facing down, the system will know when the tank is full or almost full. 

Inside the spine of the switch is a reed switch, which is activated by a magnet inside the floating ring. There is no mercury in the unit so it is safe for fresh or saltwater tanks. A pair of pre-tinned 35 cm wires are prefitted to the switch. 

The switch is not designed for directly switching mains current, instead consider it as a replacement for a simple low voltage, low current push button. 

We are obliged to mention that this is not a "food grade" product. 

Sold in packs of five.


  • Maximum current throught switch - 1.5A
  • Maimum voltage through switch - 220V DC/200V AC
  • Temperature rating: -10~85 degrees Celsius


Plastic Vertical Float Switches in packs of five from PMD Way with free delivery worldwide