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SD Card Data Logging Shield for Arduino

SKU 668046

If you need to log data generated by your Arduino project, then order this SD Card Data Logging Shield for Arduino with DS1307 RTC from PMD Way.

This shield is preassembled and ready to use. There's a full-sized SD card socket with level converted, a DS1307 real-time clock IC with battery backup - including the battery - and a prototyping area to add your own circuitry.

Furthermore the shield is fully Uno R3-compatible, so you have the extra I2C bus pins on the top-left stacking header. Finally the SQW for the DS1307 is brought out to a PCB pad, so you can take advantage of this useful adjustable frequency output pin. 

Using the shield...

Consider this to be two separate items. First - the DS1307 real-time clock. Download and install the RTClib library for Arduino. 

Next, the SD card socket. Download and install the SDfat library for Arduino by Bill Greiman. We prefer this as it handles cards formatted for both FAT16 (under 2GB) and FAT32 (over 2GB).

Download shield schematic (.jpg)