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All orders receive free delivery, worldwide - Touch here to learn more

SK6812 RGB+W SMD 5050 LEDs

SKU SK6812R1

Now available from PMD Way are SK6812 RGB+W LEDs in surface mount 5050 packaging.

These LEDs offer RGB just like WS2812B LEDs - along with an extra white element. We also have an LED with white+warm white+amber for some interesting effects.

Using the drop-down menus you can select your LED type and quantity. LED types are:

  • RGB + Cool White (6000~7000K)
  • RGB + Natural White (4000~4500K)
  • RGB + Warm White (2700~3000K)
  • White + Warm White + Amber (three elements per module)

Treat the W+WW+A LEDs in the same way you would an RGB. 

If you order 1000 of a certain LED - you will receive the full roll. Smaller quantities will be cut tape from a roll.

More information: