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TDA1308 Headphone Amplifier Board

SKU 424504

Build your own stereo preamplifer or build a compact headphone amplifier with the TDA1308 HiFi Headphone Amplifier Board from PMD Way.

It's perfect for taking a stereo line-level audio signal and boosting it for your headphones, or connection to a power amplifier for speaker output.

It is a minimalist board that run on only 3V DC and still offer 15~25mW of power into your headphones. Using the board is simple as all pinouts are labelled on the PCB. The board is designed for a single-rail power supply (just negative and positive).


  • requires 3 to 7V DC 
  • THD (Total Harnomic Distortion) 0.06%
  • signal to noise ratio 110 dB
  • output power typical 50 mW at 5V into 32 Ohms, max 80mW
  • channel separation 70 dB
  • board measures 20 x 20mm

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