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All orders receive free delivery, worldwide - Touch here to learn more

TDA1905 Amplifier IC - 10 Pack


Now available from PMD Way is the TDA1905 5W Amplifier IC in packs of ten.

The TDA1905 is a monolithic integrated circuit in a DIP package, intended for use as low frequency power amplifier in a wide range of applications in radio and TV sets:

  • muting facility
  • protection against chip over temperature
  • very low noise
  • high supply voltage rejection
  • low "switch-on" noise
  • voltage range 4V to 30V .

The TDA 1905 is assembled in a new plastic package, the POWERDIP, that offers the same assembly ease, space and cost saving of a normal dual in-line
package but with a power dissipation of up to 6W and a thermal resistance of 15 C/W (junction to pins).

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