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All prices in US$ - All orders receive free delivery, worldwide - Touch here to learn more

TDA8954TH 420W x 2 High Power Amplifier Board

SKU 685280

Do you need huge stereo audio power to drive concert speakers? Then order the TDA8954TH 420W Stereo Amplifier Board from PMD Way. Based on the NXP TDA8954TH class-D amplifier IC in bridge-tied load, this monolith can pump 420W into an 8 Ohm load per channel. 

Furthermore the TDA8954TH combines the benefits of Class D efficiency (~93 % into a 4 Ohm load) with audiophile sound quality comparable to that associated with Class AB amplification.

Please note that you'll need to power this with a toroidal transformer such as a 25+25V 300VA unit. Do not use speakers rated less than 200W, otherwise they will just go BANG!

The board is fully assembled, and uses high-quality components such as Nichicon capacitors for longevity, cooling fans for the heatsinks - the works. The massive heatsinks are pre-fitted to the board. 


  • Low noise
  • Smooth pop noise–free start-up and switch off
  • Fixed frequency internal or external clock
  • input impedance 1k Ohm
  • Output power 420W into 4 Ohms
  • High efficiency (~93 %)
  • Zero dead time switching
  • Low quiescent current
  • Advanced protection strategy: voltage protection and output current limiting
  • Thermal FoldBack (TFB) with disable functionality
  • Fixed gain of 36 dB 
  • Fully short–circuit proof across load
  • board measures 142 x 106 x 25mm
  • requires 25+25V 300VA toroidal transformer

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