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TEA5767 FM Stereo Radio Module with Antenna

SKU 415297

Building an Arduino-controlled FM radio is easy with the TEA5767 FM Stereo Radio Module with Antenna from PMD Way. 

The TEA5767 offers easy I2C-bus control, a wide frequency range and is easy to connect. You can also control it via any development platform with the I2C bus. 

Board is fully-assembled and includes external antenna.


  • LC harmonic oscillator 
  • No need to adjust for intermediate frequencies
  • High sensitivity (low noise RF input amplifier)
  • High power auto gain control AGC circuit
  • Soft mute control
  • Powered by 5V
  • Frequency range: 76~108 MHz
  • PCB size: 31 x 30mm
  • Rverse polarity protection diode
  • Power output filtering sensor
  • Multi capacitor combined filter
  • Blue LED power indicator
  • Onboard 3.5mm audio interface

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