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ULN2803 SMD SOP18 Darlington Array IC - 10 Pack

SKU 4482949

ULN2803 Darlington Array ICs in packs of ten from PMD Way. SOP 18 SMD packaging.

An incredibly useful chip, contains eight darlington transistors that can sink up to 500 mA from a 50V supply. It has internal diodes to take care of back-EMF and is perfect for small motor and stepper motor control. 


  • Transistor Polarity: NPN
  •  Collector Emitter Voltage V(br)ceo: 50V
  •  Power Dissipation Pd: 2.25W
  •  DC Collector Current: 500mA
  •  DC Current Gain hFE: 1000
  •  Transistor Case Style: DIP
  •  No. of Pins: 18
  •  Operating Temperature Max: 85°C
  •  MSL: -
  •  SVHC: No SVHC (16-Dec-2013)
  •  Base Number: 2803
  •  Current Ic Continuous a Max: 500mA
  •  Device Marking: ULN2803A
  •  IC Generic Number: 2803
  •  Input Type: CMOS, TTL
  •  Input Voltage Max: 5V
  •  Module Configuration: Eight
  •  No. of Channels: 8
  •  No. of Transistors: 8
  •  Operating Temperature Min: -20°C
  •  Operating Temperature Range: -20°C to +85°C
  •  Output Current Max: 500mA
  •  Output Voltage Max: 50V
  •  Transistor Type: Power Darlington+
  •  Sparkfun equivalent COM-00312

Download datasheet (.pdf)