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USB to Serial TTL PL2303TA Cable

SKU 727859

Now available from PMD Way is this great value USB to Serial TTL PL2303TA Cable. 

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This is a great way to connect your Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone or microcontroller serial console to a PC via USB. Based on the Prolifiic PL2303TA USB-serial IC it's compatible with Windows (including Windows 8.1), MacOS (we've tested it with 10.10.1) and so on. You will need to download and instaill drivers before use (see "Technical details" below). 

At the serial end of the cable there are four female jumper connections:

  • Red - the 5V output (up to 500 mA)
  • Black - the negative/GND line
  • White - cable RX (connect to TX on your microcontroller etc)
  • Green - cable TX (connect to RX on your microcontroller etc)

The cable is compatible with both 5V and 3.3V logic levels, and is also useful for connecting to serial consoles on all sorts of devices. Please note that this is not for Arduino programming, instead you need an FTDI cable or breakout board. 

ATTENTION ESP8266 USERS -  Do not use the 5V wire from this cable, instead use your own 3.3V supply and connect the cable GND to your circuit GND. 

Technical details:

Data returned from system information:

Great value USB to Serial TTL PL2303TA Cable from PMD Way with free delivery, worldwide