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A “Ginormous” Digital LED Clock

A “Ginormous” Digital LED Clock


Clocks are great devices for hackers and Makers, because they give us an excuse to make something for our entertainment that can actually serve a useful function. This huge digital clock, for example, employs several strips of programmable LEDs to form a really nice looking 7-segment display.

Each number segment is printed on a machine with a rather large bed, and when attached together, the four digits and colon extend about the length of a person’s arm, perhaps a bit longer.

The clock uses an ESP8266 module to interface with an Internet time server, so it should stay very accurate. On the other hand, it can’t operate without access to Wi-Fi. It’s a great looking build, and perhaps one could expand on it, using the capabilities of the LEDs along with the ESP85266 to provide more info or lighting patterns.

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