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NTP network time clock with ESP8266

Always have the right time with a Network Clock

Do you have the correct time? Do others around you keep fiddling with clocks, wanting to be a few minutes fast? Leave them all behind and make your own network time clock using inexpensive ESP8266-based modules. 

This has been demonstrated by the folks at the BnB Club who show how easy this is. Their ESP8266 module communicates with NTP (Network Time Protocol) servers via a WiFi connection then displays it on an inexpensive OLED display, as shown in the detailed video below: 

Simple yet functional, and we like the 3D-printed enclosure as well. To learn how to do this yourself, check out the project guthub page.

And if you're interested in doing this yourself, PMD Way has a you covered with a wide range of parts, such as:

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