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An Arduino-powered Escape Room Decoder Box

An Arduino-powered Escape Room Decoder Box

Escape rooms are increasing in popularity as a group exercise for team-building or a masochistic form of fun, and as part of this more people are making their own to save money by not using commercial installations. 

One example of this is by RampsLab on Instructables, whose decoder box is an ideal example of what can be accomplished with the Arduino platform. It includes a 12-button keypad for attempts of code entry and a standard LCD for information display such as a count-down timer and more.

Use an Arduino Nano to build an escape room decoder box, or entry system for other projects

We're very impressed with the quality of the project along wtih the final enclosure. You can learn more about this decoder box by visiting the project instructables page

To help you get started with your own version, PMD Way offers Arduino Nano-compatible boards, keypads, LCDs, enclosures, hardware and more.

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