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An Arduino UNO Mini Clone

An Arduino UNO Mini Clone


Today if you buy an “Arduino,” you can choose from a variety of genuine devices, as well as clones that use the original specs, published as open source.

The Uno especially has become something of a de facto maker board – of which there are many clones and derivatives. In late 2021, Arduino released the Arduino UNO Mini Limited Edition to celebrate 10 million boards being made.

The Mini is quite a cute little board. With 1.27mm female headers, a USB-C connector, and a 34.2 x 26.7 x 8mm form factor, it still maintains the general specs and look of the original, including an ATmega328 processor. This limited edition board is sold out as of this writing, but the design is published and open source.

As shown in the video below, Edison Science Corner decided to make his own Mini board based on these specs. The device was set up in EasyEDA (shudder) and ordered from JLCPCB, then components were hand-soldered to make it live.

It does indeed look great running the blink sketch, though perhaps it's not as collectible as the limited edition original. On the other hand, Edison notes that it’s possible he’s made the first UNO Mini clone, so perhaps at least the first one would be worthy of a place of honor!

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