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Bamboo Cyberdeck Features Dual LCD Screens

Bamboo Cyberdeck Features Dual LCD Screens


The Maslow's hammer adage says "if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail." The wisdom comes from applying this logic to more abstract scenarios.

But it also works in the literal sense. 3D printing, as useful and versatile as it is, has become a Maslow’s hammer to the maker community. But redditor benfelda proved that alternatives exist when they built this bamboo cyberdeck that features dual LCD screens.

When folded up, this cyberdeck looks like it could be a mancala set or a storage case for a fancy kitchen knife. The enclosure is bamboo wood in a nice natural color.

But unfolding the case reveals a 60% mechanical keyboard and two LCD screens. The keyboard incorporates high-end Alpaca key switches and GMK Red Samurai key caps. There are 3D-printed plates that hold the LCD screens in place, but the enclosure itself is real wood with brass hinges.

Those displays are generic 5" capacitive touchscreen TFT LCDs, each with a resolution of 800 x 480. They're driven by a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B, which has two HDMI outputs built into the standard board.

Power comes from a PiSugar2, though the battery is small and doesn't last very long when both displays are on. There isn't a mouse on the cyberdeck, which means benfelda either has to work in the terminal or use a separate wireless mouse.

In an era when most project enclosures are 3D-printed, it is nice to see something made from good old fashioned wood.

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