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Build a Desk Water Squirter

Build a Desk Water Squirter


Another Maker has been working on unique panel-based desk design to display his Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects. While it’s neat, one thing that it didn’t have is a way to squirt trespassers with water. To implement this soon-to-be-standard desk defense feature, he turned to a windshield wiper fluid kit for water transport, along with a Wemos D1 Mini ESP8266 module for control.

The wiper kit features a fluid reservoir as well as a 12V pump, offering a nicely integrated squirting solution. This is activated via an ESP-controlled relay module, which takes care of current and voltage requirements for the device.

The system also uses 12V to power lighting on a big yellow button, labeled “DO NOT TOUCH!” via its mounting panel. This tempting button actually sets off the device, providing an annoying squirt of water to those that decide to disregard the written warning.

In addition to button activation, the relay/pump can also be triggered by the ESP8266 over WiFi, simply by accessing it’s IP address, followed by /squirt.

There are, of course, a wide range of tricks that could be used to further enhance this desk squiring setup, and one could duplicate Another Maker’s concept using build files found on GitHub.

What would be especially interesting to many, however, is just how capable these automotive-style reservoir kits appear to be. It's something to keep in mind for your next water-based hijinks idea, or perhaps an automatic irrigation system!

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