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Build a simple yet accurate Binary Clock

Build a simple yet accurate Binary Clock

Here at PMD Way we love clock projects, and the following binary clock by Instructables member martin.fiddy is easy to make and will prove useful over time. 

Based on an Arduino-compatible board in conjunction with a DS1307 real-time clock IC module, the binary clock can maintain a decent accuracy. The display shows hours and minutes - which can be a good thing as the changing seconds in binary can be somewhat distracting. 

The final clock has been mounted in a PC speaker as shown below, which also offers a neat form of enclosure with a convenient power supply - meaning one less cable on the desk or battery to worry about:

You can also see the prototype clock in the foreground - which shows how much leeway you have with the display type. For more information about this interesting clock, visit the project's Instructable page.

To make your own version, head over to the store for the following parts:

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