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Build an accurate analogue clock with ESP8266 and NTP

Build an accurate analogue clock with ESP8266 and NTP

If you have a constant internet connection it's possible for a connected device to determine the current time from a network time server - using the NTP protocol.

And with some existing knowledge you can easily make your own clock that displays this time, which has been demonstrated by Karl Pitrich.

His clock uses an ESP8266-based WiFi board - which is ideal as you can upload code to it (or "sketches") using the friendly Arduino IDE. In conjunction with an inexpensive LCD - a neat analogue clock is born, as shown below:

Use an inexpensive ESP8266 WiFi board and TFT LCD to create an accurate clock that updates from NTP time servers

Of course with a little modification to the code you can change the clock display, or drive all manner of other output devices to show the time.

Overall this project offers you a simple example of extracting the time with the inexpensive ESP8266 module, with which you can create your own clock projects.

To get started, head over to Karl's github page for the required code. Don't forget to use the closest NTP server to your location. And if you're interested in doing this yourself, PMD Way can help you out with the required parts, such as:

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