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Build an Arduino-powered Metal Detector

Build an Arduino-powered Metal Detector

If you live near a beach or enjoy exploring abandond land and property, then this metal detector project by Instrucables user techkiwigadgets will be of interest.

Unlike simple analog metal detectors that bleep when something metallic is near the head, this unit has four separate coils - which gives a more accurate sense of direction to the metal along with a reading strength.  

An Arduino Mega board is used to power the detector, and also relay the measurement results from all four coils on a neat touch-screen LCD - which is also used for calibrating the device for better accuracy. Check out the video below for a quick demonstration:

This is a great example of how you can make your own test equipment and other devices with some sensors and the Arduino platform. To learn more about this metal detector, visit the Instructables page.  

To help you get started with your own version, PMD Way offers Arduino Mega compatible boardsgraphic LCD shields and more. 

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