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Build an ESP8266 Motion Detector with Email notifications

Build an ESP8266 Motion Detector with Email notifications

Have you often wondered when someone or something has entered a certain area? Well now you can make a neat system that will send you an email when motion has been detected, thanks to Instructables member sibuntu.

They have connected an inexpensive motion detector to an ESP8266 module - which connects to the Internet via WiFi.

Build a motion detector that sends you an email with ESP8266

And the coding was easy, thanks to using the Arduino IDE to program the ESP8266. It easily connects with the Gadgetkeeper cloud platform which is used to send the motion-notification emails. 

Although this may seem somewhat simple or redundant, it's an excellent example of how you can harness the "Internet of Things" for your own projects. For complete details, check out the project Instructable page

And if you're interested in making your version of the game, PMD Way can help you out with the required parts, such as:

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