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Build an IFTTT Smart Button with ESP8266

Build an IFTTT Smart Button with ESP8266

If you're wondering what IFTTT means - it's "If this, then that" and is an excellent service that can trigger an action based on another action. 

For example, you press a button that causes a message to be posted on twitter. And now you can make something to do just that, quite easily - thanks to Instructables member jrutherfordt.

They've used the value ESP8266 WiFi microcontroller module runing in a low-power mode, with a simple button. A press of the button takes the ESP out of low-power mode, sends the IFTTT message, then the code puts the system back to sleep. 

ESP8266 IFTTT button

To build your own version of this system - check out the project instructable to see the example setup and code links. And visit IFTTT's website to get your head around the possibilities of their services.

And if you're interested in doing this yourself, PMD Way can help you with the parts, such as:

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