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Build your own RFID Rings

Build your own RFID Rings

There are a few trailblazers found on the Internet that have embedded an RFID or NFC tag under their skin to make access control that much easier - or their life riskier... you be the judge. 

Not wanting to go down the self-implant route, extraordinary maker and teacher Becky Stern shows us how to make our own RFID rings with small impant cards and making our own jewellery to hold them in. All is revealed through the following interesting video:

To learn more about Becky and her fantastic work - visit her instructables page

And if you're interested in making your own RFID jewellery - PMD Way has you covered with RFID chips and animal implantsRFID readers, Arduino shields and more.

Or if you're the impatient type - PMD Way offers titanium steel NFC rings in various sizes. 

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