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Build your own robotic arm with Arduino, Android and LEGO

Build your own robotic arm with Arduino, Android and LEGO

Robotics is a fun and interesting area of experimentation - and controlling servos, motors and so on is quite trivial thanks to the ease of the Arduino platform.

However the hardware side of a project, that is building the required parts can be an effort without a 3D printer or expensive alternatives.

One classic way around this issue is to use LEGO - and this has been demonstrated very well by  Hugo Trombert. His robotic arm with claw is build from LEGO as you can see below, with the servos controlled via an Arduino: 

Furthermore by using an Arduino the project is open up to all sorts of control options, and in this case Huge has used a serial Bluetooth module and a simple Android app to create a full remote control. 

You can create your own Android Apps for free using the MIT App Inventor - and by having this send simple serial commands over Bluetooth, the Arduino and thus the arm can be controlled remotely. 

To learn more about this interesting project, visit Hugo's Instructable page. And to make your own - PMD Way has you covered with a range of servos, Bluetooth modules and Arduino-compatible boards. 

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