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PMD Way is operating and shipping Worldwide! Click here to learn more
PMD Way is operating and shipping Worldwide! - touch here to learn more
COVID-19 Update - Back to Business as Usual

COVID-19 Update - Back to Business as Usual

We're proud to announce that all our suppliers are now operating as normal and orders are being processed and shipped as normal in the same way before the COVID-19 outbreak.

PMD Way is therefore back to business as usual with regards to sending your orders. We may experience slight delays in answering support emails, however we're working as much as possible at our homes and at the office to operate as normal. 

There may possibly be delays in processing deliveries by your destination country due to reduced air freight capacity or border control issues. We know that you understand this and will allow for possible small delays in receiving your parcels. 

There is no risk of receiving COVID-19 on parcels. Your local health authority can expand on this further. 

In the meanwhile, we wholeheartedly wish all of you good health and hope you can weather this most unfortunate situation. 

Most sincerely

Cindy and everyone at PMD Way Limited.

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