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Create animated Evil Eyes for Halloween with Arduino

Create animated Evil Eyes for Halloween with Arduino

The end of October and thus Halloween is coming around soon, and those of you who partake in the annual event will love the following project by Steve Quinn. 

This involves creating animated eye displays that can be fitted inside almost any decoration - powered by MAX7219-compatible display units and Arduino:

Create animated Evil Eyes for your Halloween project with Arduino

Creating the animation isn't difficult at all, as Steve has provided an Excel spreadsheet which offers a graphic interface to create the desired output - which then gives you the required code to copy and paste into the Arduino sketch. 

An example of the eyes in action are shown in the video below. Possibly not that evil, however you get the idea:

This is a great way to use LED matrix display modules - for Halloween or other, more serious uses. You can learn how from Steve's Instructable page. And if you're interested in making your own version, PMD Way can help you with the parts, such as:

Finally, if you would like help with choosing parts for this project, please email

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