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Easily connect retro computers to VGA monitors with adaptor boards from PMD Way

Easily connect retro computers to VGA monitors

Retro-computing - using older computers to play classic games, recovering old data or just enjoying some nostalgia - is on the rise, and there's an increasing market for classic PCs. 

However part of the fun is repairing and find inexpensive ways to get these old PCs working again - but in a lot of cases, the weak point is the monitor. Due the to high voltages inside monitors, not too many enthusiasts are keen on reparing them - and would instead prefer to use a newer monitor such as an LCD. 

In theory that sounds great - and it is, however older PCs don't have current VGA video output sockets. So that's where our CGA/EGA/RGBS/RGBHV/YUV/YPBPR to VGA HD Video Converter Board steps in. 

CGA/EGA/RGBS/RGBHV/YUV/YPBPR to VGA HD Video Converter Board from PMD Way with free delivery worldwide

This lovely board accepts a CGA, EGA, or analog RGBHV/YUV/YPBPR signals and converts them to a modern VGA output. You can then connect a VGA monitor with D-SUB15 connector and start crushing Wolf3D or reviewing all that old data from the 90s. 

The board is plug-and-play, just add a 5V 1A power supply - click here for an example if you need one.The board offers an on-screen menu system for fine-tuning via the four tactile buttons next to the analog inputs. Overall - it's a small price to pay to enjoy and bring old PCs back to life.

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