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Keep track of Instructables Visitor Numbers with ESP8266

Keep track of Instructables Visitor Numbers with ESP8266

If you're one of the many people who are awesome enough to share their projects via Instructables, some of your projects may become somewhat popular - so you generally become curious about how many visitors are reading your work. 

Taking this curiosity to the next level, Eric Brouwer built his own Instructables hit counter device, and you can also do this too. An ESP8266-based board runs a small webserver which can be configured remotely to select the Instructable to monitor various parameters such as project or total views.

Instructables hit counter with ESP8266

This is an interesting and useful device that could also be the base for other Internet-based monitor devices. To make your own version, visit Eric's Instructable page

And if you're interested in making your own version, PMD Way can help you with the parts, such as:

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