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Learn how to use the inbuilt Arduino EEPROM

Learn about your Arduino's inbuilt EEPROM

An EEPROM (which is an acronym for Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory) is a useful type of memory that can retain stored data even when power is cut off. 

This is ideal for data logging, storing user-defined options in hardware and more. Your Arduino or compatible board has an EEPROM - inside the host microcontroller. 

Learn how to use the inbuilt Arduino EEPROM

You can learn more about the EEPROM and Arduino through an interesting tutorial by our friend John Boxall. He explains the theory, limitations and how to use the EEPROM in your sketches. To get started, visit our tronixstuff website.

And if you're interested in learning about Arduino, PMD Way can help you with a wide range of support Arduino starter kits for beginners and interested hobbyists.

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