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Liven up Record Players with stereo LED VU meters

Liven up Record Players with stereo LED VU meters

The practice of listening to records seems to ebb and flow, falling and rising in popularity - however it can still be a lot of fun and a great way to enjoy music from the past.

And to make this even more enjoyable, you an add a pair of VU meters to the turntable as demonstrated by Michaël Duerinckx.

VU meters are useful in that they not only add a visual representation of the music, but also indicate the signal level of the music being played.

For his turntable modification, Michaël uses the equally-classic LM3915 logarithmic LED display driver IC and builds a pair of the reference circuits into the base of the turntable - with the LEDs spread around a part of the circumference:

LM3915 VU meter

Having a turntable with a wood surface makes life easier however the LED placement is up to your imagination. Check out the video below for a demonstration of the VU meters in action:


If you are interesting in making your own version, visit Michaël's detailed project site which explains the entire process very well - and the PMD Way store for the parts, such as:

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