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Monolithic Digital Clock

Monolithic Digital Clock


A wall or desk-mounted clock (or one on top of a speaker) can be a great way to keep track of the time at a glance. What if, however, you’d like your clock to be on some of the time, while fading into the background unobtrusively when not on display? If so, the Monolithic Digital Clock from Shinsaku Hiura may be the perfect solution.

This unit features an array of addressable WS2812B LEDs, supported by a 3D-printed structure, and concealed behind a thin facade. When the clock is active, light shines through this front layer, which could be a photo, thin strip of wood, or even a one-way mirror. When off, it simply looks like a block, perhaps with a decorated front – a monolith if you will.

LEDs are arranged in a seven-segment pattern, and recessed with a 3D-printed light guide that resembles a very fancy speaker setup. This arrangement likely helps with light diffusion, while the channels, printed in dark material, keep the light contained from the sides. Control of the device is via an ESP32 module, allowing it to get the time via NTP, and to be configured wirelessly. More info, including print files, code, and configuration apps is available via the project write-up, and you can see it in action in the video below.

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