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Perpetual (Google) LED Calendar

Perpetual (Google) LED Calendar


About a year ago Andrei Erdei built a perpetual clock with the help of a CNC machine and addressable LEDs. Since then it’s become a useful object in his living room, allowing him to see dates at a moment’s glance when a phone isn’t immediately available. Now he’s returned to this project, creating a calendar that syncs up with Google and can be constructed using a 3D printer and hand-cut smoked acrylic.

The calendar features a sort of rolling start date frame that allows it to light up any month’s days, with weekends shown in red. The calendar also displays the current day in blue, while holidays are set to magenta, anniversaries cyan, and yellow for to-do items.

Anniversaries and to-do items are synced between two custom Google calendars for, and a standard holiday calendar is also used that could be customized to your location. While this data is certainly useful, Erdei notes that having too many colors is a bit much, and may do away with the to-do markings.

Control and communication is handled via an ESP-01 module, which pulls data from the Google calendars and sets the time via NTP. In addition to the calendar functions, there are six blank LED slots that could be used for a variety of functions, even a color-based clock modeled after this project.

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