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Simulate WS2812B "NeoPixel" LEDs in your web browser

Simulate WS2812B "NeoPixel" LEDs in your web browser

Working with WS2812B ("NeoPixel") LED strips, modules, matrices and so on is fun, however sometimes you want to test some code before wiring up the LEDs (or you're waiting for delivery and somewhat impatient). 

The solution to this has been provided by Uri Shaked and the team at Wokwi - whose web-based simulator accepts your Arduino sketch and shows the output of a 16x16 WS2812B LED matrix, for example:

Check your WS2812B NeoPixel code in a web browser

So what are you waiting for? Check out the simulator and have some fun. 

Once you're ready to use the real thing, PMD Way has you covered with a huge range of WS2812B LED strips, modules, individual through-hole and SMD LEDs and more - in our range of LEDs

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