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This Arduino-powered robot is like a Roomba with a paintbrush

This Arduino-powered robot is like a Roomba with a paintbrush


Can robots paint? More specifically, can they create art? The second question is, of course, open for debate, but Technovation’s robotic build shows that they can indeed wield a paintbrush.

The device, shaped vaguely like a Roomba vacuum cleaner, uses a pair of NEMA 17 motors for movement and a third to rotate a sort of brush turret. A servo attached to the pivoting arm positions a brush up and down, dipping it into paint, and bringing it to the drawing surface as needed.

Control is via an Arduino Uno with a CNC shield. The project is capable of producing art randomly, or be programmed to execute pre-defined patterns.

You can see in action in the video below, while instructions to make your own are available in Technovation’s tutorial.

If you're interested in making your own version, PMD Way has you covered with a huge range of parts including Arduino Uno-compatible boards, OLED displays, rotary encodersjumper wires and more.

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