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Turn an Arduino into an early 1980s BASIC Computer

Turn an Arduino into an early 1980s BASIC Computer

Working on and restoring older computers from earlier years is becoming increasingly popular, as technologists feel nostalgia for their first computer (or dream computer) from an earlier age. 

Furthermore, some are up for the challenge of making their own computer - and thanks to the abundance of inexpensive microcontrollers, this can also be done easily with emulation. 

One interesting example of this is by Robin Edwards, who uses an Arduino Uno-compatible board, inexpensive OLED display, PS/2 keyboard and breakout and basic hardware to emulate a simple computer running BASIC with minimal RAM - something that compares to a Sinclair ZX80 ... with a much better keyboard. 

Amongst the usual tasks when creating an Arduino project, this gives the interested maker a backround into how writing a programming language can come to fruition. And the final result could be built up into a more permanent unit for some retro fun. 

For complete details on this computer project, review Robin's github page. And if you're interested in making your own version - PMD Way has you covered with Arduino-compatible boards, SPI OLED displays, PS/2 keyboard breakouts, solderless breadboards and more. 

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