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Free delivery, every order. Want a bulk deal or can't find what you need? Email now!
Free delivery, every order. Want a bulk deal or can't find what you need? Email now!
Welcome to PMD Way

Welcome to PMD Way

Welcome to PMD Way! After many years in the electronics retail world and also as electronics enthusiasts - the six of us came together to start a new online store for everyone in the makerspace, electronics and technology areas. 

We wanted to create a store that we'd use ourselves... something to look to for new items, old favourites and also get those hard-to-find bits which were unavailable or hideously overpriced in our own areas. 

After many meetings, much research and almost two years we are proud to launch, and genuinely hope you will find our store useful and of great value. 

We have listed thousands of products, and will be adding more every few days. Some collections may seem a little bare - but we're spending time finding the right parts to add.

Of course if there's something you would like to see - or if you have any suggestions - please let us know

Furthermore we understand that there's more to just selling you some parts. We offer our customers fully-tracked deliveries, peace-of-mind warranties (of up to two years, depending on the item) and technical support for your purchased items. 

To top all that off, in parallel with our online store - we are also commmissioning a learning, project and news area where you can find information, inspiration and also show off your successes. We will announce when this will be available. 

We invite you to check out our store - all our offerings are listed in neat collections through the menu at the top of the screen (for desktop viewers). If you're reading this from a mobile browser, please touch or click the triple horizontal line logo as indicated below by the yellow arrow - or use the search box below the PMD Way logo...

So for now, we welcome you to PMD Way and look forward to serving your needs - and hearing about what you've made with our products.

Please stay in touch and interact with us using your choice of facebook, instagram and twitter

So for now, have fun and make something!

- Alex, Cindy, John, Joyce, Justina and Kath.

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