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All orders receive free delivery, worldwide - Click here to learn more
All orders receive free delivery, worldwide - Touch here to learn more
LCD Light Valves from PMD Way with free delivery worldwide

LCD Light Valves from PMD Way

Imagine a tinted piece of glass, which can have the level of opaqueness set to various levels, just like the glass in electric welding helmets. That's an LCD light valve. PMD Way has a growing range of LCD light valves for your needs.

Click here to visit our range of LCD Light Valves. No matter your needs, we're bound to have the right part for your project. Plus - all orders receive free delivery, worldwide. 

And remember ... if you:

  • can't find what you need
  • not sure what to order
  • want a bulk deal
  • need technical support
  • or just want to have a talk ...

Please email us via During our business hours (GMT+8) you can also have a quick chat via WeChat - we're "pmdway".

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