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All orders receive free delivery, worldwide - Click here to learn more
All orders receive free delivery, worldwide - Touch here to learn more
TRRS Cables from PMD Way with free delivery worldwide

TRRS Cables from PMD Way

PMD Way offers a useful range of TRRS cables, adaptors and more. TRRS (Tip Ring Ring Sleeve) cables are used for stereo audio and microphone applications, such as mobile phones, or composite video+stereo audio output on some older computers.

Click here to visit our range of TRRS Cables. No matter your needs, we're bound to have a board for your project. Plus - all orders receive free delivery, worldwide. 

And remember ... if you:

  • can't find what you need
  • not sure what to order
  • want a bulk deal
  • need technical support
  • or just want to have a talk ...

Please email us via During our business hours (GMT+8) you can also have a quick chat via WeChat - we're "pmdway".

PMD Way on WeChat

Finally - to keep up to date with interesting news, offers and new products - interact with us on facebook, instagram, and twitter.

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