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All prices in US$ - All orders receive free delivery, worldwide - Click here to learn more

16-bit Ethernet Network Control Module

SKU 330862

Easily control digital outputs using the 16-bit Ethernet Network Control Module from PMD Way. 

If you simply need to turn things on and off with a digital output over a network - such as relay modules - then this compact board solves your problem. You can simply turn on or off the sixteen outputs via simple HTTP calls.


  • External power supply voltage: 5.5V DC 2A Max
  • Digital outputs - 16
  • Electronic switch life: 100,000 times
  • Working temperature: 0 ~ 85 degress Celsius
  • Size: 47*48*20mm

You first need to set the boards IP address. To do this, connect board to network and visit the default IP of using your web browser. This opens control interface - you can change board's IP address. Port cannot be 0.

Now all you need to do to control an output is sent a HTTP command as follows:

http://IP/Port/00 : Relay-01 OFF
http://IP/Port/01 : Relay-01 ON
http://IP/Port/02 : Relay-02 OFF
http://IP/Port/03 : Relay-02 ON
http://IP/Port/04 : Relay-03 OFF
http://IP/Port/05 : Relay-03 ON
http://IP/Port/06 : Relay-04 OFF
http://IP/Port/07 : Relay-04 ON
http://IP/Port/08 : Relay-05 OFF
http://IP/Port/09 : Relay-05 ON
http://IP/Port/10 : Relay-06 OFF
http://IP/Port/11 : Relay-06 ON
http://IP/Port/12 : Relay-07 OFF
http://IP/Port/13 : Relay-07 ON
http://IP/Port/14 : Relay-08 OFF
http://IP/Port/15 : Relay-08 ON
http://IP/Port/16 : Relay-09 OFF
http://IP/Port/17 : Relay-09 ON
http://IP/Port/18 : Relay-10 OFF
http://IP/Port/19 : Relay-10 ON
http://IP/Port/20 : Relay-11 OFF
http://IP/Port/21 : Relay-11 ON
http://IP/Port/22 : Relay-12 OFF
http://IP/Port/23 : Relay-12 ON
http://IP/Port/24 : Relay-13 OFF
http://IP/Port/25 : Relay-13 ON
http://IP/Port/26 : Relay-14 OFF
http://IP/Port/27 : Relay-14 ON
http://IP/Port/28 : Relay-15 OFF
http://IP/Port/29 : Relay-15 ON
http://IP/Port/30 : Relay-16 OFF
http://IP/Port/31 : Relay-16 ON

To view the output status use:


then the board will return the results as a 16 byte ASCII code, as MSB (Most Significant Bit) first. 1 means on, 0 means off. 

So if it returns 1111000011110000, this means outputs 1-4 are ON, outputs 5-8 are OFF, outputs 9-12 are ON, and outputs 13-16 are OFF.

To restore the board back to default - press and hold down the button on the board. The LED will come on then release the button once the LED turns off. It will then revert to factory IP address as mentioned earlier.