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All orders receive free delivery, worldwide - Touch here to learn more

DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Sensor - 100 Pack

SKU 99000112

If you need an inexpensive temperature and humidity sensor, the DHT11 from PMD Way can fit the bill.

This is for packs of 100 sensors. For the best results, this should be used in areas that have some airflow. You will need 4.7k resistor for each raw DHT11.

You can use the options menu to select between raw sensors, or the DHT11 mounted on a ready-to-use module that also includes 100mm female-female Dupont style cables and a power indicator LED.

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  • Temperature 0 to 50 degrees Celsius, +/-2%
  • Humidity 20 to 90%, +/- 5%
  • 3.3 and 5V tolerant, maximum current draw 2.5 mA
  • Sampling rate <1Hz (that is, you can only read it less than once per second)
  • Dimensions 15.5mm x 12mm x 5.5mm
  • Pins have 2.54mm spacing

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