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All orders receive free delivery, worldwide - Touch here to learn more

High Grade HiFi Nichicon Audio Capacitor Assorted Kit - 100 Pieces

SKU 277805

Now available from PMD Way is this assorted Nichicon Electrolytic capacitor kit. These capacitors are of an excellent quality and used in hi-fi and other applications where quality is preferred over a cheaper price.

Ten each of the following values are included in the convenient carry box:

  • 6.3V 220uF SW 6.3mm x 7mm
  • 10V 47uF FG 5mm x 11mm
  • 10V 100uF FG 6.3mm x 11mm
  • 10V 470uF FW 6.3mm x 11mm
  • 16V 10uF FW 5mm x 11mm
  • 16V 47uF FW 5mm x 11mm
  • 16V 100uF FW 5mm x 11mm
  • 16V 220uF FW 6.3mm x 11mm
  • 25V 100uF FW 6.3mm x 11mm
  • 50V 10uF FW 5mm x 11mm