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All orders receive free delivery, worldwide - Touch here to learn more

L298P 2A HBridge Motor Shield for Arduino

SKU 160202

Looknig for a higher-current motor shield for your Arduino? Then order our L298P 2A HBridge Motor Shield for Arduino - which can drive two DC motors of 12V 2A each.

The shield arrives fully-assembled, is R3-compatible (I2C pins on top stacking headers) and ready to use. External power and motor connections are made to the convenient terminal blocks on the shield. Furthermore, inline header pins are arranged for easy servo connection and I2C bus access.


  • Arduino Logic Control Voltage:5V
  • Motor Driven Voltage:6.5~12V (using VIN connections on host Arduino board), or 4.8~35V (using external power from terminal blocks)
  • 2 way motor drive
  • Logic supply current Iss:≤36mA
  • Motor Driven current Io:≤2A
  • Maximum power consumption:25W(T=75℃)
  • Up to 2A current each way
  • Supports PWM speed control 
  • Supports PLL advance speed control

Shield Arduino pin usage:

  • Digital D3 - PWM speed control motor A
  • Digital D11 - PWM speed control motor B
  • Digital D8 - Brake motor A
  • Digital D9 - Brake motor B
  • Digital D12 - Direction motor A
  • Digital D13 - Direction motor B

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