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All prices US$ - All orders receive free delivery, worldwide - Touch here to learn more

Long Range 433MHz RF Wireless Transceiver Kit

SKU 51213433

If you've been finding success with inexpensive RF data modules, however need more range - then these long-range 433MHz RF wireless modules from PMD Way are for you. 

They work in the same wasy as the cheaper modules, however have a greater power output and a solid, convenient PCB antenna to keep things neat. 

Connections are simple: power (+ and -/GND) and data in for the transmitter, or data out for the receiver. Pin spacing is 2.54mm.

You can use the VirtualWire library for Arduino. Each pack includes one receiver and one transmitter.


  • Transmitter working voltage: 4~12VDC
  • Transmitter working current: 40mA
  • Transmit power: 27dBm @ 12VDC
  • Working frequency: 433MHz
  • Transfer rate: 4.8kbps (max)
  • Transmission distance: When supply poower is 5V, the open area transmission distance is around 150 meters. To increase transmit range, you can increase the power to the transmitted up to 12V DC.
  • Antenna: Onboard 315MHz dedicated PCB Antenna.
  • Receiver operating voltage: 2~5.5V DC
  • Receiver current: 2mA
  • Sensitivity: -110db


Learn how to use these modules with Arduino using our full tutorial.