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All prices in US$ - All orders receive free delivery, worldwide - Touch here to learn more

MAG3110 Triple Axis Magnetometer Breakout

SKU 380165

Now available from PMD Way is this neat Triple Axis Magnetometer Breakout - based on Freescale’s MAG3110 - a small, low-power, digital 3-axis magnetometer. PCB color may vary.

The device can be used in conjunction with a 3-axis accelerometer to produce orientation independent accurate compass heading information. It features a standard I2C serial interface output and smart embedded functions. I

t’s also a tiny QFN package which isn’t very easy to play with so here is our easy to use breakout board. This board breaks out all of the pins for the MAG3110 to a standard 0.1" header and also supplies the necessary filtering capacitors so that you can easily use it in your next navigation project.

Note: This is a 3.3V board, and only supports 3.3V logic and power. Click here for a 5V capable board.


  • 1.95V to 3.6V Supply Voltage
  • 7-bit I2C address = 0x0E
  • Full Scale Range ±1000 μT
  • Sensitivity of 0.10 μT
  • Pull Up Resistor Jumper
  • 13.3 x 14.5 mm
  • based on open-source design by Sparkfun

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