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All orders receive free delivery, worldwide - Touch here to learn more

MP3 Decoder Board with 2W Amplifier Module

SKU 723835

If you need a simple and inexpensive MP3 module with an onboard amplifier, then check out this MP3 Decoder Board with 2W Amplifier Module from PMD Way.

It's ideal for simple audio playback solutions, such as for toys, alarms, alerts, museums and more. Controls are simple, and offer track forward and backward, volume up and down, along with play/pause.

Playback starts automatically from power-up, and thus resets back to the first track when power is cycled. The onboard amplifier has a 2W output and sounds good through tiny 20mm speakers through to larger units.

The board requires a power supply of between 3.3 and 5V DC at up to 600 mA.

Some soldering is required, such as wires to the power and speaker - these pads are labelled clearly on the PCB. If you need the playback and volume controls, you need to wire up three buttons. These are connected to the six pads on the right-hand side of the PCB above the speaker pads. Consider the layout in the diagram below:

If you connect a single-pole single throw button (i.e. only two pins) across each pair, they have two functions (for a short or long press) as listed above. If you have any questions please email