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Value PWM Square Wave Function Generator

SKU 530243

Easily create square wave ouput signals with this great value PWM Square Wave Function Generator from PMD Way. 

The board is fully assembled and easy to use. Use the buttons on the left to adjust the frequency between 1 Hz and 100 kHz.

Use the buttons on the right to adjust the duty cycle between 1 and 99%. The values are shown on the matching LED displays. When a decimal point is shown in the frequency display, you are generating kHz output. 

Thanks to a poweful output transistor you can draw up to 100mA of current through the PWM output pins. 

Great value Value PWM Square Wave Function Generator 6 Hz to 100 kHz from PMD Way with free delivery worldwide


  • Power input - 3.3~20V DC
  • Output range - 1 Hz~100 kHz
  • Output duty cycle - 1~99%
  • Maximum output current - 100 mA
  • Board measures 66 x 36.5mm