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WS2812B Addressable RGB LED Matrix Shield Kit for Arduino

SKU 326877

Save money with this incredible value WS2812B Addressable RGB LED Matrix Shield Kit for Arduino from PMD Way. 

This shield has forty WS2812B addressable RGB LEDs all lined up, ready for your imagination - and is preassembled, however you need to solder the included inline header pins for stacking to an Arduino.

A terminal block is also included which you can solder into the shield for easier connection and disconnection of 5V power. Speaking of power, you can run the shield directly from an Arduino - if you don't have all the pixels fired up at once in all colors. 

We do recommend an external 5V power supply that can offer up to 2A of current per shield, check out our range of power supplies or contact us for guidance. The shield has protection circuit which stops external power damaging your host Arduino.

Getting Started:

Once you have soldered your connections - you will need to download and install the FastLED library for Arduino. Simply consider each shield to be a continuous strip of 40 LEDs.