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If you're tired of trying to level the bed on your 3D printer, build this levelling tool using Arduino-compatible boards

Build a 3D Printer Self Leveling Tool with Arduino

3D printing is an incredibly useful tool - you never thought how much fun and how convenient it can be until you've printed your own widget. However like most tools there's an amount of setup and calibration that's required - and 3D printing is no different.

One major task is to ensure that the printer bed - the base from which the object is created - is level, to ensure an accurate print.

Leveling can be difficult in some situations, so Antzy Carmasaic designed their own compact sensor tool based around an Arduino to help measure force from the printer head onto the bed to increase leveling accuracy. This is explained in the following video:

To learn more about this utterly fantastic project, visit the instructables page

And if you're interested in making your own leveling tool - PMD Way has you covered with Arduino Pro Micro boardsforce-sensitive resistors, tactile buttons and more.

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