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Display Mandelbrot and Julia sets with ESP32

Display Mandelbrot and Julia sets with ESP32

You can create some interesting works of mathematic art with enough processing power and the right hardware, and this has been demonstrated by Instructables member fabriceA6 - who shows us a neat tool to create Mandelbrot and Julia sets.

These types of sets are known as fractals (from Wikipedia):

In mathematics, a fractal is a subset of a Euclidean space for which the fractal dimension strictly exceeds the topological dimension. Fractals appear the same at different levels, as illustrated in successive magnifications of the Mandelbrot set; because of this, fractals are encountered ubiquitously in nature. Fractals exhibit similar patterns at increasingly small scales called self similarity, also known as expanding symmetry or unfolding symmetry; if this replication is exactly the same at every scale, as in the Menger sponge, it is called affine self-similar. Fractal geometry lies within the mathematical branch of topology.

The explanation can be a little heavy-going, however the results and mesmerising and mathematically-interesting. You can generate your own using a powerful yet inexpensive ESP32 development board and LCD display, as demonstrated in the video below:

For a complete explanation on how to do this yourself, visit the project's Instructable page

And if you're interested in doing this yourself, PMD Way can help you with the parts, such as:

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