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Flasco segment: Easy Seven-Segment Clock PCB

Flasco segment: Easy Seven-Segment Clock PCB


Cedric Kany wanted to build his own clock, which receives time from the Internet and displays a four-digit, seven-segment value to indicate when in the day it actually is. Sounds simple enough, but seven-segment displays are typically far too small to read at a distance, and addressable WS2812 LEDs didn’t create the white temperature that he wanted.

Instead of going the traditional WS28xx route, or piecing together something with MOSFETs and LED strips, he instead decided to re-invent the addressable LED wheel, and designed the "flasco segment" PCB.

These pointy 59mm long boards, currently funding on Kickstarter, feature three white LEDs controlled by a single WS2811 driver. It’s a rather clever concept, as instead of red, green, and blue channels, the driver controls three separate white LEDs. Since it’s using the well-known WS28xx setup, existing libraries will work, though with a new context color-wise.

Seven flasco segments can be combined to via JST connectors create a full digit. Put four digits together (28 segments), and you have the necessary numbering for an excellent clock. Standard wiring can support up to 49 segments – perhaps allowing for two time zones or other functionality – and with additional power insertions you can control much more. Included JST connectors simplify wiring needed to make your own unique clock, meaning you can construct an elegant timepiece without even touching a soldering iron!

Note that this product is crowdfunded, and there is no guarantee you will receive it, no matter the best intentions of the creator. 

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